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Crowdsourcing, Innovation, and Sustainability

Why are you drawn to sustainability? Because you love nature? You want to protect the environment? Because it’s good for business? How about because sustainability is driving amazing innovations?  I’m fascinated by the new technologies being developed to solve environmental … Continue reading Continue reading

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What sustainability efforts could learn from Angry Birds

(This is Part 2, which explores how gamification can “green” employee behavior in order to achieve business goals.  Last month, Part 1 explored how gamification can attract customers and “green” their behavior.) This post also published by GreenBiz.com. What do … Continue reading Continue reading

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Cities Lead Sustainability Efforts

Let me comment on “Bloomberg Takes City Sustainability Program Global” that appeared in Transportation Nation. Congress is unlikely to pass legislation addressing climate change any time soon.  There is little political will to do so and there hasn’t been since … Continue reading

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